Coronavirus Quarantine Update: Week 3

Eric Hunter
3 min readApr 6, 2020

Some quick thoughts from a hard day:

  • My cough is all but gone. Ollie still occasionally has a phlegmy one. My belief is that we had it and beat it, but considering we never had any remotely serious symptoms it really could have been anything. This is just something I’m choosing to believe for the comfort in hoping we’re less likely to catch it again.
  • I haven’t been able to order Fresh Direct for the past four days. The last time I bought anything from a grocery was, I think, over two weeks ago, and this is the week we’re not supposed to do even that. Meanwhile, the past three nights I’ve stayed up till midnight to try to catch a delivery time slot when they roll over to the next day. I haven’t gotten one yet. I just received a form email from them about how they’re basically inundated and they’re trying their best. My email to support went unanswered.
  • I’ve been going through my sample libraries the past couple days and trying to get back to something resembling regular composition work. I was excited by some new prospects today, which probably was part of the problem. Things don’t go well when I can’t give the kids my full attention.
  • It all started with an English muffin, or lack of one, rather. Ollie demanded a second at breakfast and there wasn’t any more. So he started chasing Sebastian around trying to get his, and we were off to the races. By nine a.m. I was on the verge of a full-blown meltdown. Somehow the rest of the day continued like that, with me and Masha each reaching our limit individually and then tagging the other one in. The whole day, alternating between breaks and nearly blowing our tops. But as parents, we’re used at this point to days that you just have to get through.
  • For the first time, Ollie refused to watch any TV today, so there was no respite for us besides nap.
  • His new favorite thing is rolling me off the bed. I lay down, he rams his head into my back, and then pushes me like a bulldozer until I careen off the edge with a crash. Peals of laughter ensue. He could probably do this all day.
  • One bright side is he’s gotten way better with going to sleep at night. It still takes him an hour, but he lies quietly in bed without horsing around now. I don’t know where that came from. Sebastian actually has gotten way worse. Some nights he falls asleep normally, some nights it takes him fifty percent longer, and some nights…much longer.
Eric Hunter